MacPromo till 31st December 2010

10 Mac Time-Saving Apps for only $49.99 — Save $327! *

  1. TypeIt4Me — Let your Mac do half your typing
  2. PathFinder — The power-user's Finder replacement
  3. DragThing — Tidy up your desktop with the original dock
  4. NameMangler — Rename files quickly and easily
  5. Personal Antispam — Keep your inbox spam-free
  6. MacFreelance — Easy billing and invoice software for Mac
  7. Keyboard Maestro — Increase your productivity with powerful macros
  8. Personal Backup — Back up files, synchronize folders, and clone startup volumes
  9. Folx Pro — Speed up all your downloads
  10. CuteClips — Clipboard history for everybody

Star Wars: Empire at War, This great game is free for the first 5,000 purchasers.

*Price in USD for US and Canada: prices may vary in other countries.


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