A Better Finder Attributes 4

Change the file attributes that the Finder won't let you touch:

* file modification and creation date and time
* adjust the Exchangeable Image File (EXIF capture) time & date that JPEG pictures were shot to compensate for time zones or incorrectly set digital camera clocks
* visualize or remove invisible files
* set the file creation date to the time that a digital camera picture was taken
* lock or unlock the file (prevents the name and the contents of the file to be modified.
* add, modify or remove the Mac OS 9-style creator & type codes
* show or hide the file extension for individual files
* set Finder color labels

Digital camera owners use A Better Finder Attributes to adjust photo shooting or creation dates, to compensate for incorrectly set camera clocks or incorrect sorting in the Finder.

Digital media professionals and web masters give their media the finishing touches before uploading them to web servers or burning them on CD or DVD by removing unsightly invisible files, Mac OS legacy creator and type codes and by setting the files' creation and modification dates to appropriate values.

System administrators and developers remove invisible files before checking them into version control or document management systems, or before placing them on shared Unix, Linux or Windows network servers.

[Source A Better Finder Attributes 4: change Mac file creation and modification dates, EXIF digital photo original capture dates, remove invisible Mac files, etc.]

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