Pixelmator 1.6.4

Pixelmator Reviews

Ars Techincas has a comprehensive Pixelmator 1.6.4 review. Here are some of the topics:

  • The Pixelmator Interface – “…Interface really sells it as the sleek package that it is.”
    • Lightweight and fast
    • Similar workflow to Photoshop, down to the last key
    • UI criticisms
  • The Tools and Adjustments – “…Tools and adjustments straddle the line between hardcore image editor and consumer app.”
    • Brush handling
    • Robust Layers
  • Web Slicing and Output – “…simple but strong enough for serious work.”
    • The Filters
    • Type Handling
  • The Consumer-specific Tools – “…number of consumer-oriented features like export options for various Web galleries (Flickr, Facebook and Picasa).”
    • Camera support
  • Compared to the Competition
    • Pixelmator vs Photoshop Elements 9
    • Pixelmator vs The GIMP 2.6.x
  • Things Clearly Missing from Pixelmator
  • Conclusion
    • Pros: Very responsive with high-res images, well thought out interface, makes a great starter edition to learning Photoshop…
    • Cons: Can't save to Photoshop documents as working file format, type editing is limited, zoomed-out image aliasing problems…
    • Takeaway: The start of something great for Mac image editing.

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