MacBundlePro till 13th May 2011

MacBundlePro OS X Bundle: 9 cool apps to get the most from your Mac. Only $19.90, $183 value.

  • Speedy Mac
    Quickly open everything you need from menu bar.
  • WhatSize
    Find and reclaim disk space.
  • AppDelete
    Uninstall apps, widgets and plugins with a click.
  • Raskin
    Manage all your documents on a single, zoomable surface.
  • Breeze
    Save and load multiple window states.
  • MacTuneUp
    Speed up your Mac and prevent system instability.
  • Protect Files
    Protect your files and folders with password encryption.
  • Quokka
    Get 10 fully functional clipboards.
  • Share
    Easily trasfer files from Mac to Mac.

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