15 Secrets of Transmit 4

Transmit is easy to use, but there’s a whole lot under the surface. Learn 15 secrets straight from the horse's mouth – Panic Blog.

  1. Add custom icons to your favorites
  2. Show the file count
  3. Skip files automatically
  4. Customize your favorites view
  5. Try dock send
  6. Make a droplet
  7. Quickly copy a web URL
  8. Navigate in both sides, simultaneously
  9. Make “Get Info” automatically update as you change files
  10. Learn some drag and drop tricks
  11. Show folders above files
  12. Zip files directly on an SFTP server (and more)
  13. Hide iDisk/Bonjour favorites or prevent Transmit disk from opening windows
  14. Get image dimensions using Quick Look
  15. Make a local/local or remote/remote Window
  16. Bonus tip! Customize keyboard shortcuts

[Panic: 15 Secrets of Transmit 4]

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