Trip Journal Turns Your Smartphone Into the Ultimate Trip Scrapbook

Trip Journal is a mobile app for iPhone and Android that lets you capture photos, video and route marks of your vacation as it happens. You can then share your trip with your friends and family via Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

Trip Journal 5.0 has just been released for iPhone and Android, and it adds full Facebook support for you to export your trip, your photos and your route to your friends. Your friends can then comment on your trip in your Facebook stream and also make comments to items in your Trip Journal directly.

Trip Journal is a really great app for users who might be traveling abroad or covering lots of area because it uses your phone’s built-in GPS to give your photos and places a location and marker on an interactive map. That map, which can even be exported to Google Earth, can act as a running log of your trip. You can go back later and add tags, descriptions or notes to the images, but everything associated with your trip is kept in one easy-to-access and attractive place.

[Mashable: Trip Journal Turns Your Smartphone Into the Ultimate Trip Scrapbook]

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