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True sync of iWork docs between Macs and iCloud

  1. FinderLibrary.
  2. Create an alias of Mobile Documents folder and drag it to whatever location you want for easy access.
  3. What you will see in Mobile Documents depends upon what exactly you have previously set up to sync via iCloud. Assuming you previously enabled iCloud syncing for iWork apps, you should at least see three folders, one for each iWork app: com~apple~Keynote, com~apple~Numbers, and com~apple~Pages. Inside each folder will be two subfolders: Documents and iWorkPreviews.
  4. Open the Documents folder inside the application folder that matches the document type you want to sync. For example, to sync a Pages document, go to com~apple~PagesDocuments.
  5. Via the Finder, drag the icon of the desired Pages document to this folder. The document will now automatically and almost instantly sync with iCloud.

However, if you open the document in Pages for iOS, the file is converted to an iOS-compatible format, stripping out any Mac-only features and you will no longer be able to open the document on a Mac.

There is as yet no unified iWork document format that will allow you to auto-sync and edit the same document on both Macs and iOS devices. It is either one or the other.

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