BBEdit 15 Brings Exciting New Features for Text Editing

BBEdit 15 was just released by Bare Bones Software, bringing some excellent new capabilities to this popular text and code editor for Mac. As an enthusiastic Apple product user, I'm excited to highlight some key additions in this latest update.

ChatGPT Integration

One of the most significant new features is accessing ChatGPT directly within BBEdit worksheets. This allows you to converse with the AI assistant to help with writing, coding, research, and more – no need to switch between applications. BBEdit maintains the chat history so you can refer back to previous conversations later. This is an innovative way to leverage AI technology alongside a traditional text editor.

New Minimap View

BBEdit 15 introduces a Minimap palette that gives you a high-level visual overview of longer documents, allowing you to easily spot the overall structure and quickly navigate to different sections. For those working with large text files or codebases, this should help increase efficiency.

Expandable Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets in BBEdit have been expanded, so you can now create your reusable references for frequently used markup, code snippets, and more. You can continue adding to them over time, acting as an always-accessible notebook tailored to your needs.

This latest upgrade boasts over 180 improvements.

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