Working Out With Apple Vision Pro

Getting Fit with Apple Vision Pro!

The upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset promises to take fitness to the next level with immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences. Although Apple didn't showcase any fitness features during the initial Vision Pro reveal, reports indicate the company has significant plans.

According to The Information, Apple is developing a yoga app that uses the Vision Pro's cameras to track your breathing by observing your chest movements. Additionally, Apple has reportedly explored partnerships with brands like Nike to create custom workouts for the headset.

While details are still scarce, the potential for VR/AR fitness apps on the Vision Pro is enormous. Imagine battling ninjas in a video game while kicking and punching in real life or traversing an Icelandic mountain range on the Peloton bike. The Vision Pro's immersive visuals, spatial audio, and motion tracking could engage workouts.

Additionally, the Vision Pro's “EyeSight” feature allows transparent views of your surroundings when someone approaches you. This means you can stay aware of others in the room during your sweat sessions. Safety first!

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