How to Use Apple Vision Pro With Reading Glasses or Prescription Glasses

The new Apple Vision Pro headset is an exciting technology that blends digital content into your physical surroundings. But what if you already wear reading glasses or have a vision prescription? Here's an overview of the Vision Pro user experience for those who need vision correction.

When setting up your Vision Pro, you have two options if you typically use reading glasses or have a prescription.

The first option is to order custom prescription inserts called ZEISS Optical Inserts. These magnetically attach to the inside of the Vision Pro headset and allow you to see clearly without wearing separate glasses. They come in two versions – prescription lenses for those with a vision prescription or simple “readers” for those who need magnification for reading or computer work.

You'll need to provide Apple with a valid and comprehensive prescription from your eye doctor to get the inserts. The prescription must include sphere, cylinder, axis, add, pupillary distance, and other standard measurements. Prescriptions are available for both single-vision and progressive lenses.

If you need vision correction, the second option is to use the Vision Pro's accessibility features instead of relying on your eyes. You can navigate using head movements, hand gestures, or an external Bluetooth switch. This allows you to operate the headset without visually focusing on elements in your field of view.

Either way, Apple has put effort into making Vision Pro accessible for those with common vision needs. The setup process guides you through determining if you need prescription inserts or can use accessibility features instead. The headset is designed to be compatible with many types of vision prescriptions.

Using Apple Vision Pro with vision prescriptions and vision conditions:

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